Cuddle time with baby

For babies, physical contact is vital. Your baby quite literally cannot get enough cuddle time with you. But why is physical affection so important?

Cuddles help baby feel safe

Especially right at the start, when babies are too young to understand language, physical affection is the perfect way of providing them with a sense of safety, love and warmth. This way, babies feel looked after and learn that their parents are there for them and will take care of their needs.

Cuddles have a soothing effect on your baby

Bodily contact can work wonders. Especially your bare skin has a soothing effect on your child. Even a slight touch, such as to place your hand at the babies bare stomach while changing the diapers, convey a feeling of safety. It is particularly calming for babies when you place them at your naked chest, because they remember their Mums heartbeat from the time in Mummy’s belly.

Cuddles strengthen the parent-child bond

Physical affection will have a positive effect on parent-child bonding from the very start. Family cuddles promote a sense of togetherness and help your baby understand that baby, Mummy and Daddy form a unit.