Games in the forest

Matt Monkey loves to play in high trees.

Discover his favourite games in the forest here.


Tree, change!

Every child stands by a tree, only the catcher stands in the middle without a tree. When the catcher shouts “Tree, change!”, all the children run and try to stand by a different tree. If the catcher manages to catch one of them, that child is the next catcher.

Fitness path through the forest

First, a certain route is decided upon, which all children have to traverse. On the way, they meet small hurdles which they need to overcome. Who is quicker than Matt Monkey in balancing on a tree trunk, running in slalom through the trees or jumping over branches?

Stone hopscotch

You want to play hopscotch like Matt Monkey? Easy-peasy! Inside you can use towels spread out on the carpet. Outside you can use large stones or draw circles on the ground with chalk. And off you hop!

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