HiPP Weaning Food Product Range

The HiPP Weaning Food product range is perfectly adjusted to everything your baby or toddler needs to promote their ideal development. Please select one of the categories below or use our weaning food product search. It allows you to find the right product for your child’s age.

Overview of the HiPP Weaning Food products:


Vegetables are ideal for starting with weaning food from 4 months on.

Baby Menus

HiPP Menus only contain strictly controlled ingredients and organic meat from animals kept in appropriate conditions for their species

Fruit & Dessert

HiPP Fruit are rich in vitamin C that helps to strengthen your child’s body’s defences

Milk & Cereal Paps

with special baby milk, ideal for evening meals


Teas, juices and fruity thirst-quenchers

Search for products

Use our weaning food product search to find products for your baby’s age, or to filter products for special queries.

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Starting with weaning food

The HiPP Nutrition Plan gives you an overview of how you can start with weaning food. It also shows you what HiPP products are recommended from what age.

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