Nutrition tips

You shouldn’t try any feeding experiments out on holiday. As long as babies are breastfed, they always have their usual food. When they are older it is a good idea to take their usual food with you, or if possible buy it when you get there.

  • Plan to take one menu or vegetable jar per day and enough to cover unplanned mishaps.
  • For an ideal snack between meals take HiPP fruit, fruit & cereals or  HiPP fruit & yoghurt, because they taste good cold and are refreshing, especially in summer, and they are easy to digest.
  • Important: Liquid! Only use mineral water that is especially suitable for infants. Otherwise use boiled water. Teas are ideal holiday drinks because they do not take up much space in your luggage.
  • Also think of taking a sufficient quantity of instant paps and milk formula.
  • If the temperatures at your holiday resort are above 25°C, we recommend keeping the jars in the fridge.
  • Boil all water before using it as a matter of principle. Even if you only use it to wash fruit or vegetables.