Sun and baby’s skin

Special protection for your baby

Baby's skin is five times thinner and therefore much more sensitive than that of an adult, which is why your child needs special protection from the sun. 

Melanin is the brown colour pigment (colouring/tanning of skin) that sun can produce on the skin. This pigment absorbs¹ the light and protects skin for a certain time depending on the intensity of teh UV rays.  

¹Brown colour pigments absorb the UV rays and change them into warmth so they can no longer cause damage. 

A baby's skin produces very little melanin. It is comparable to a very fairy skinned adult, whose skin also produces very little melanin.

Among other reasons, as a result of the low production of melanin, a baby's skin burns very quickly.

Due to the low natural sun protection, sensitive baby skin must be well protected from the sun.