Games in the sandpit

Mike Meercat loves sand.

Here are his favourite games for the sandpit:


Sand marble run

First you build as big a sand hill as possible. Then you make a track down from the top in a spiral, in which a small marble can fit. This is easiest with a small spade or simply with your hand. The track must have high sides, so that the marble can roll down without falling off. Small hurdles or tunnels make it more fun.

Treasure hunt

Looking for things hidden in the sand is fun for every child. The little ones can hide treasure themselves and look for them. It is important that all the children know what their treasure looks like. Is it a walnut? Or a special stone? The game is even more fun if you have a homemade treasure map and each child has a treasure chest to put their treasure in once they have found it. By the way, Mike Meercat keeps his treasure in his den.

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