Games in the grass

Katie Kangaroo loves to jump around colourful meadows.

Find her ideas for games in the grass here.

Smell memory game

On a meadow, the children gather fresh grass stalks, daisies, soil and anything else that they find. Then each thing is put in an empty jar (one jar for grass stalks, one jar for daisies, etc.). The important thing is that the jar is not see-through (you can cover HiPP jars with colourful paper or paint them together before going out). Mix up the jars, then open them. With closed eyes, try to guess by smelling what is in the jar. You could also blindfold the children with a thin scarf, so that nobody can cheat. Who has the best sense of smell?

Head-over-heels race

First you decide on a “finishing line”, for example a big flower. Then you make sure that there are no stones in the way and the ground there is soft. Then “ready, steady, go!”. Which child beats Katie Kangaroo in doing head-over-heels to the finishing line?

Further to Dorothy Duck’s & Robin Racoon’s water fun in the garden

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