Sun cream and the risk of sunburn

Sun cream – choose ones especially made for babies and toddlers.

Make sure that the sun creams you buy are suitable for babies and toddlers. Use creams without perfume, colouring or preservatives, as these could unnecessarily irritate sensitive baby skin. Repeat application after contact with water, even if it is a waterproof cream. Applying more cream does not increase the protection time!

Be thorough when applying the sun cream – don’t forget the ears, the soles of the feet and around the eyes, if these are not covered up.

Danger of sunburn

Sunburn is not only uncomfortable and painful for a baby but also increases the risk of developing skin cancer.

It’s true that “Your skin never forgets”. The risk of developing skin cancer increases, especially in childhood and early youth, through repeated sunburn and above-average exposure to UV rays. One reason is that babies and toddlers have not yet fully developed their repair mechanisms.

Damage to the skin takes place even before sunburn occurs – the risk of long-term damage (e.g. skin cancer) rises even before the skin gets red.

Responsible exposure to the sun can reduce the risk (see exposure to the sun).

Should sunburn occur, however:

Mild sunburn can be eased with cloths soaked in cool water, weak black tea or buttermilk. Cooling lotions or creams can also help. Never use oily or greasy creams! In serious cases (especially if accompanied by vomiting, shivering or fever) visit a doctor!