Why choose from the skin care range from HiPP?

From the first day on babies need all our love and care. For generations we have been taking our responsibility seriously and wholeheartedly, in the field of nutrition and now, also in baby skin care.

For generations we have been dealing with the special needs of the most sensitive consumers, namely babies and toddlers. In doing so, we continuously exchange experiences with midwives and paediatricians.

Because your baby’s skin is five times thinner than that of an adult, it needs especially mild care. That’s why we offer baby skin care products that are free from undesirable substances and are particularly mild.

They are so mild that we have named them ‘Babysanft’ (baby soft). And we have tested them thoroughly, as you are accustomed to from us.

HiPP stands for excellent quality, healthy and safe products, and the best raw products nature can provide. Also in our baby skin care range we have excellent products that meet these requirements and we are therefore convinced that parents will also put their trust in our baby skin care products.