Make sure you drink enough

Your body needs a lot of fluid

Whether pregnant or not: Sufficient liquid intake is vital

Make sure you drink enough, because during pregnancy in particular, your body needs water not only as a means of transport, but also for the formation of extra blood and amniotic fluid and for the supply of the unborn baby. Ideal drinks would be mineral water, fruit juices mixed with water, vegetable juices, fruit and herbal teas.

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Foods to avoid

Expectant mothers should avoid drinking pure fruit juices, fruity drinks and fizzy drinks, as they contain plenty of sugar and unnecessary calories. Of course, you should also completely abstain from alcohol, for the sake of your baby’s health.

The consumption of real coffee and black tea should be reduced to a maximum of 2-3 cups a day, because too much caffeine may have adverse effects for mother and child. It is better to drink decaffeinated coffee or tasty herbal tea.

Even if you do not feel thirsty, you need fluids

Some useful tips for those who are not able to drink that much: drink beverages that you like at regular times of the day; for example, first thing in the morning, during your lunch break and then in the early evening. Drinking is simply a matter of training – people just often forget to do it.

Even if you are not thirsty, you need fluids. For this reason, always have a bottle of mineral water or a pot of tea close at hand, whether on your desk or on your kitchen table. Bear in mind that your fluid requirement will increase even more while breastfeeding.

Fluid requirement

Non-pregnant womanExpectant motherBreastfeeding mother
Drinks1410 ml1470 ml1710 ml
Solid food860 ml890 ml1000 ml
Total2270 ml2360 ml2710 ml
Increased need +90 ml+440 ml