Get vitamin D 7 days a week

Children do not get enough vitamin D for at least 7 months of the year ...

Your child is exploring the world around them and becoming more and more active. Vitamin D is particularly important for a growing child’s healthy development, as it plays a key role in their bone metabolism and supports healthy bone formation.

However, recent studies suggest that children and teenagers from our region do not get enough vitamin D.*

If only 7 rays of sunshine a year were enough ...

Vitamin D is the only vitamin that our body can create in its skin. To produce vitamin D our skin needs sufficient exposure to sunlight, which is not always possible, especially during the winter months. This is why breastfed and/or bottle-fed infants receive prophylactic vitamin D supplements in the form of pills. Vitamin D remains an important factor in healthy development during all stages of a child’s growth.

Not even 7 eggs a day are enough ...

Unfortunately there are only a few foods that contain significant amounts of vitamin D, so it is difficult to make sure toddlers get enough to meet their daily needs through their diet alone. This is why HiPP JUNIOR COMBIOTIC® is specially fortified to be the best possible source of vitamin D.

Theoretical required food intake:

(without exposure to sunlight)

What helps develop strong bones?

Eating and drinking foods that contain vitamin D and calcium: e.g. spinach or broccoli for calcium or fatty fish for vitamin D.


Exercising and building muscle: e.g. through children’s gymnastics. In addition to the right nutrition, exercise and muscle strength are also important building blocks for healthy bones.


Playing outside: e.g. outdoor games, such as tag, hopscotch or ball games. Playing outside in the sun and fresh air is not just fun for the little ones; it also promotes healthy bones. Whenever your child plays outside, make sure you take steps to protect their skin from the sun.

*Source: VELS study, KiGGS study, GRETA study