The right nutrient supply for toddlers

HiPP JUNIOR COMBIOTIC® is designed specially to meet toddlers’ special nutritional needs, making it easy to improve your child’s dietary intake. According to recent studies, more than half of German children suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D levels and the proportion of children with vitamin D deficiency depend on the time of year. A recently published study found that sufficient levels of vitamin D (≥20 ng/ml) were only barely reached during summer and that children did not get sufficient vitamin D during the rest of the year.

Source: Kunz et al., European Journal of Nutrition, 2018

The drop in vitamin D levels after summer is due to insufficient exposure to sunlight. Up to 90% of vitamin D is produced in the skin and only 5-10% is absorbed from food. If there is insufficient sunlight, which is the case for more than half the year in Germany, the human body cannot produce enough vitamin D.

Source: Hower et al., European Journal of Pediatrics, 2013

A study by Hower et al. 2013 found that the drop in toddlers’ vitamin D levels during winter could be prevented with HiPP JUNIOR COMBIOTIC®. Vitamin D levels could even be increased during winter, which was found not to be possible with low-fat cow’s milk, against which the formula was tested and which has a very low vitamin D content.