Children need 7x more vitamin D!

Load the wooden train with the 7 pictures containing the most vitamin D.

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Guidebook about growing-up milk and diet for toddlers

Why does your child need 7 times more vitamin D?

Learn more about vitamin D and its influence on the immune system and bone development.

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7 facts about healthy development and strong bones

Did you know that your child will be double as tall on its third birthday than when it was born? Strengthen its bone development!

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Get vitamin D 7 days a week

That’s not as easy as it sounds! Learn what helps the development of strong bones and which foods contain vitamin D.

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The right nutrient supply for toddlers

Children need up to 7 times more vitamin D during toddlerhood than adults. Gain valuable knowledge about the right nutrient supply with HiPP JUNIOR milk.

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