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  • from 4 months (after the 4th month)

HiPP Organic Baby Carrots with Potatoes

Item no.: AL4000
  • 125g
  • accurately assorted, few ingredients: made of just a few ingredients, no added dairy products, gluten-free
  • no added salt and sugar
  • with Omega-3 fatty acids from organic rapeseed oil, important for the development of brain and nerve cells
  • rich in natural beta-carotene
  • no added flavouring and thickening agents – if liquid separates, please stir
  • no added preservatives or colouring (as required by law)
  • GMO-free (in accordance with the EC Organic Farming regulation)
  • ingredients gently cooked with steam
  • with Omega-3 fatty acids
  • No GMOs - genetically modified organisms (in accordance with EC regulation on organic production)
Organic Organic

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